Shipping Issues Resolved – February Specials

February Bonuses-

Free pack of Panchavati Dhoop with any incense or burner purchase

$25+ Add 1-15 gm pack Goloka Nag Champa

$50+ Add 1-15 gm Satya Jupiter Incense

$75+ Add 1 Bakuchi Tibetan Incense

$100+ Add 1-45 gm Satya Nectar

$150+ Add 1-20 gm bdl Nippon Kodo Seiun Violet Low Smoke Incense Sticks

After the heavy rains, moderate snowfall and severe winds of the past couple weeks, it is warm and sunny in Julian this week. If you come to the Eccentric Ape store in Julian please mention these bonuses when purchasing to receive these online specials.


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New this week, introducing

Aromanga premium resin incense sticks, handmade in the USA featuring original artwork by V. Roden.

This excellent incense is made by hand with premium amber, essential oils, resins, and other top quality ingredients using a unique process combining multiple techniques to produce an incredibly fragrant and long burning incense unlike any other.


NEW! Aromanga Incense at Ecclecstacy Arts – Click Here