Extra Bonuses This Week – Snow Forecast This Weekend

12/14 – 12/21 – Free 10 gram Satya Royal with any purchase in addition to the other bonuses listed in last posting. Satya Royal is rich, sweet, smooth, one of the finest Indian fragrances.

Rain, possible snow, and cold weather are coming this weekend. If it snows expect long transit times coming up here. Last snowstorm shut down the whole area and traffic was moving at about 2 MPH due to all the people trying to see the snow. All the restaurants ran out of food and all the shelves were emptied. Parking was impossible. If you’re planning to see the snow I would advise starting as early as possible.

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September Specials

Tibetan Incense Sale

Buy any 4 Tibetan incense and receive a free large bundle of Bakuchi.

Buy any 8 rolls and receive both onefree Bakuchi and one free Srikandha.

Buy 12 rolls – receive one large bundle each of Bakuchi, Srikandha and Sugandha

Buy 15 rolls – receive one each of Bakuchi, Srikandha, Sugandha and Sankha.

Special Offer Valid through 9/30/2013

Don’t forget a Tibetan Incense Burner if you are new to Tibetan style incense.

Click Below to Start shopping – We have three pages of Tibetan Incense Items.

Tibetan incense 1

Tibetan Incense page 2

Tibetan Incense Page 3