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Ecclecstacy Arts is a secure site. We collect no information through this domain.  All payment processing is done through Paypal which provides industry leading encryption and security. Our cart is hosted on Paypal’s servers and is as secure as it gets. Additionally, when using paypal we never have access to your card numbers nor can we add unapproved charges. We do not collect any information on our site. Unlike almost every other site, we don’t even use  cookies, Google analytics, facebook, Twitter, etc. to slow down your experience or track your activities  on our site or the web. * If your browser or phone show a security warning please realize that this is because of the site structure and not due to any actual threat. The site is merely a catalog while the cart function is completely secure through Paypal. Speed shopping at Ecclecstacy Arts – To have the fastest shopping experience don’t click the continue shopping link on the cart page. Instead, return to the website pages and continue to  add products. The items will load into the cart, and you can verify items and change quantities at checkout. This saves a lot of time and makes for a much quicker shopping experience than we have found on  any other sites. Normal carts, and the continue shopping links give you a runaround through extra servers serving  extra pages which you don’t need. Why click through 3 or 4 pages to add one item when you can do  it with one click here using this simple method?

Everyone claims to be the biggest or the best. Look around and you will see no one comes close to our selection. Most companies have an item or two from each manufacturer. We stock full lines of more products in more sizes and we rarely run out of your favorites. In addition to the biggest selection of incense and the best incense made we also stock an enormous selection of Incense burners, censers, and accessories plus, ingredients for making your own incense.

At Ecclecstacy Arts all of our products are stored in a warehouse, not a basement, spare room or garage. We store all fabric, teas, wooden items, dishes and non-fragrant products in a separate, ventilated area. Our incense, however, is stored in a large vault-like room with almost no circulation and naturally maintained temperature and humidity control. These are two crucial factors in warehousing incense without deterioration or mildew.

Unfortunately, many customers come to us after receiving moldy or stale incense from sellers who operate in areas where hot and humid, or cold and damp are the two main types of weather. Without substantial effort and expense, it is impossible to maintain products in those locations for long without degradation.

Our energy consumption has decreased as we have grown through the installation of tubular skylights in the warehouse and LED lighting. The warehouse is designed and situated so the incense storage areas maintain cool temperatures year round, but never freeze. We have low humidity and cool nights year round which make this one of the few perfect places in the world to warehouse these products without dehumidification, air-conditioning, and heat.