Bonuses 8-17 – 8-24

Pears are in! Fresh, Julian pears are available at our Julian store. Pesticide and fertilizer free, non-irrigated, very old, small trees grown in harsh mountain sun with blazing hot days and brisk nights produce the sweetest, tastiest pears you can find.

Any incense or burner order receives one free HEM Citronella 8 stick – good for keeping summer insects away

$25+  Goloka 15 gm

$50+ Royal 10 gm

$75+ Primo Aphrodesia 10 gms

$100+ Shoyeido Magnifiscents Sampler

It’s hot, but Julian is usually a bit cooler in the day than most of the county this time of year, and we have air conditioning in the store so you can shop in comfort.

Our warehouse is also unique. Julian’s cool, mountain nights, even in summer, and extremely dry air make this an ideal location for incense storage. Most importers and sellers live in climates where temperature extremes, humidity, and central heating and cooling can all degrade the products and do require extra energy to offset the adverse conditions.  Also, items which we don’t manufacture or import ourselves come primarily from importers who are inland in arid conditions where coastal humidity can’t damage the products.  Humidity is the main enemy of any natural incense.


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