The Most Popular Incense?

Many people ask us what the most popular incense is. Unfortunately, if one seeks the most popular items quite often he is getting the cheapest, not the best. Even in cases where the product has become so popular that it commands a premium the product is often inferior.

Now, most people are aware that old blue Nag champa is one of the world’s top selling products but, few are aware of the changes it has undergone. The manufacturer of “old blue” still makes a few excellent fragrances although it is apparent that they are all machine rolled on precision sticks now, not hand-rolled in the traditional way. If you are a fan of the Nag Champa scent then you should certainly try Sairam, Natural and others of their older fragrances.

Also, Nag champa fans won’t want to miss Shanthimalai Nag Champa, Mystic Champa, or Raj Laxmi. All three of these are natural formulations much closer to the original Nag Champa from 20 years ago.

Morning Star incense is another top selling line of incense. This Nippon Kodo series is very popular and very inexpensive but, it is far below their other products in aroma as well as price. All of their other lines are highly fragrant and some are quite pleasant.

Unfortunately, if you try the popular scent or line from a maker and find it undesirable you are less likely to try some of the better ones.


New items coming and going

Nippon Kodo is adding three new scents to their popular Morning Star line – Frankincense, Sage and Myrrh. The new scents should be in very soon. Also, Nippon Kodo has added a trial size box to their traditional line. Now, all 4 of the traditional wood scents are available in a small package with 20 – 24 short sticks depending on fragrance. If you have ever wanted to try these scents but didn’t want to buy a full box of something you might not love now you can.

Satya incense has added Golden Era, Patchouli, and Chandan to their line of fine masala incense. Golden Era is a prior formulation of Nag Champa which is closer to the original than it is to the current formula. Patchouli and Chandan fill in the need for popular fragrances which the consumer can easily identify. Although, the fine scents of Nectar, Sairam, Royal and others in their masala line are exceptional the names don’t tell one anything about the fragrance. These newer scents clarify the key notes of the fragrance for the consumer.

We have also selected a bunch of new, high quality masalas from many other makers which we will be adding soon.

Say farewell to Shoyeido’s Aesthetics line. All of these small, black packages have been dropped leaving only the large size for most of these items, and some are gone completely at this time. We do have limited stack remaining of a few of these scents.


Eccentric Ape Special

It has been a long time since I have been able to post anything. After a routine dental visit our daughter got sick and passed it to us all. For 3-4 weeks we were all out of commission. It still hurts to cough over 5 weeks later. Everyone we know had long bouts with this illness. This was bad enough and caused many long shipping delays but, it wasn’t the end of the problems. Last week one of our UPS backups shut down for no reason. I unplugged everything and then powered it up. All seemed normal but, when I unplugged it it burst into flames in my lap. That was exciting. Then two days later our main computer, not the one previously connected to the failed UPS, refused to boot. I managed to get it running again but it has been a long, troubled period with a lot of expenses as a result of illness and equipment failures.

This brings me to my topic – a special on Eccentric Ape incense. Buy any size and get 20% more – Now through April 15th.

Also, we have some rare items back in stock – Breuzinho South American Black Copal, Copal Negro from Mexico, Large chunks of nice Palo Santo wood, and Maydi Frankincense are all back in stock. Our white copal is really incredible compared to the average for this product too. And, we always have the very finest, pure sandalwood items available anywhere including real Mysore yellow sandalwood heartwood powder. Of course, our aloeswood items need little comment as most of our customers know we are the only real source for fine, pure aloeswood incense and powders.

I hope to be posting more frequently with new specials so stay tuned.

Also, Changes to Eccentric Ape store hours – Open: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 11am – 5pm, Closed Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for the Spring/Summer season.