Server failures, Flu, General Chaos

It has been awhile since I have been able to post. In addition to hardware and software conflicts, flu, and other minor issues apparently there has been an ongoing problem across the web causing many outages and failures. We thought this just affected our server but, Paypal, Ebay and other venues have also been having various issues causing delays, missing tracking numbers, and lost communications. Little mention is being made of these problems but many users are encountering these issues and some have been ongoing for awhile.

Besides the major venues, our site has somehow loaded 8 year old pages even though the server was replaced about 2 years ago. We are still trying to get that repaired but, the other issues continue to slow things down.

On a positive note: we have just gotten Breuzinho, some really nice Palo Santo pieces, and sweet Somalian frankincense back in stock.

This week we are still running a bit behind as we are completely restructuring the warehouse to be more efficient. As soon as that is completed we should be able to fill all orders much quicker.

Also, Eccentric Ape Frankincense & Myrrh is sold out and is unlikely to be restocked for the holidays. I recommend trying our Manna which is a sweeter version of frank & myrrh that is also excellent.