No More Cannabis Incense – Hail the mighty Paypal

Although, none of the products labelled as cannabis fragrance contained anything illegal and all are cleared for import and sale in the USA and worldwide, paypal has decided that we can’t sell them anymore. This top-selling incense does not contain, nor smell like cannabis, as our customers relate, but it has a pleasing scent which many enjoyed. Unfortunately, Paypal decides it can tell you even what fragrances you are allowed to buy and we are allowed to sell.

As a result, we are no longer allowed to offer this product for sale with paypal as processor. we are working on that in both ways. We are hoping that a review of this policy will change it to match the reality,  If you want it you may still purchase by mail in and indicate fragrance desired. It is priced the same as other fragrances in the hem or wellness incense lines and in the Song of India perfumes of the same sizes. We apologize for the inconvenience

If this inconveniences or offends you please tell them you don’t agree with their policy.