Premium Aloeswood PVXX is on sale!

One of our finest agaewood incenses is on sale while supplies last. PVXX is one of the finest pure aloeswoods available anywhere. Buy it now and save. Aloeswood

Our premium myrrh is back in stock. This item from Yemen is one of the best around but it is obviously limited due to the current tensions there and trade restrictions with Yemen.

We still have a good amount of the finest Hojary/Hougari frankincense available. Many come to us thinking they have bought Hojary elsewhere, but end up being amazed at the difference between what some call Hojary and our Authentic Hojary from Dhofar. Even our cheaper grade of Hojary is generally much better than the other guy’s best. If you haven’t tried Hojary you haven’t really had frankincense. Although, we stock a variety of frankincense resins Hojary and Maydi are must try items for any incense fan.

We also have a large selection of top quality incense resins including Dragons’ blood, many copals, Benzoins, pine resins, woods, powders, herbs and more.