New Location is Open

Our Main Street store in Julian is now open Wednesday through Sunday. It has been awhile since I have posted due to working on the new location. Come on up to Julian and check it out. We also have many, excellent new neighbors. The Smokehouse offers great smoked meals, Pizza and other foods prepared from scratch. We have a Jewelry store next door and two winerys; Witch Creek which has been there for about 20 years, and Orfila which just moved from Wynola Farms to join us in Julian. There are also several other restaurants in the immediate area; Soups and Such serves breakfast and lunches until 3 pm. Carmen’s offers tasty Mexican cuisine and just across the street is Granny’s Kitchen,¬†another of our former neighbors from Wynola Farms (previously the Daily Perk), which offers breakfast and lunch.

Julian is known for its food; and there are too many other great restaurants in the Julian area to mention in one posting so I have just covered those in our immediate vicinity.

Many people ask what is my favorite incense. I am reluctant to say for numerous reasons. The main reason is that no two people have the exact same appreciation of smells or flavors. Secondly, I would not want to have my preferences used as a basis for your selections because you may avoid something you would like simply because I don’t appreciate it.

Having said that, I do think there are some scents that are well received by most people which you may not have tried. Today I am going to shine the spotlight on some Satya favorites. Most of you are probably familiar with their old blue Nag Champa. Although, it is the most popular incense fragrance, Satya makes several finer fragrances which most are unfamiliar with. Some of the others are also quite popular like Super Hit and Natural, but the less known scents like Sairam, Nectar, Trishaa, Supreme, Geet Govind and Shivshankar are superior choices with soft, sweet, pleasntly lingering aromas. Sairam is on special right now.