Shipping Issues Resolved – February Specials

February Bonuses-

Free pack of Panchavati Dhoop with any incense or burner purchase

$25+ Add 1-15 gm pack Goloka Nag Champa

$50+ Add 1-15 gm Satya Jupiter Incense

$75+ Add 1 Bakuchi Tibetan Incense

$100+ Add 1-45 gm Satya Nectar

$150+ Add 1-20 gm bdl Nippon Kodo Seiun Violet Low Smoke Incense Sticks

After the heavy rains, moderate snowfall and severe winds of the past couple weeks, it is warm and sunny in Julian this week. If you come to the Eccentric Ape store in Julian please mention these bonuses when purchasing to receive these online specials.


Shipping Delays

For the past week there has been a glitch in Paypal which is preventing us from shipping any website orders. Hopefully, this will be resolved within 24 hours.

Last week’s storm brought nearly a foot of rain and several inches of snow.  Snow shuts down our satellite  internet and the DSL is damp along with the phone lines so neither is very reliable when we have winter storms. Luckily, it is rare that it snows since it is impossible to even buy a snow shovel in San Diego.

As usual, the old phone lines are damp and humming loudly so we might not be getting your messages. Please email or try calling between 10-4 Pst.

We apologize for any delays caused by these issues.


Happy New Year – Bonuses for January 2017

We’re expecting a lot of rain and even some more snow is possible before the weekend.

Specials for January:

1 free 8 stick Spiritual Guide with any purchase

$25+ add 1 10 gram Satya Royal

$50+ add 1 Sughandha Tibetan Incense

$75+ add 1 Geet Govind 20 grams

$100+ add 1 Satya Nectar 45 grams

$150+ add 1 Shoyeido Kin-Kaku 35 sticks


Extra Bonuses This Week – Snow Forecast This Weekend

12/14 – 12/21 – Free 10 gram Satya Royal with any purchase in addition to the other bonuses listed in last posting. Satya Royal is rich, sweet, smooth, one of the finest Indian fragrances.

Rain, possible snow, and cold weather are coming this weekend. If it snows expect long transit times coming up here. Last snowstorm shut down the whole area and traffic was moving at about 2 MPH due to all the people trying to see the snow. All the restaurants ran out of food and all the shelves were emptied. Parking was impossible. If you’re planning to see the snow I would advise starting as early as possible.

We have great stocking stuffers, and unique and unusual gifts for all ages.

Many new stone pendants, pocket watches and more are in store now.

Stop in for the best prices in town.

Bonuses for Nov-Dec, Julian Tree Lighting, Fall color and Winter chill have arrived

Free with any incense or burner purchase- 1 – 8 stick Padmini Spiritual Guide

$25+ Add 15 gram Green Chqmpa
$50+ Add 10 gram Satya Fantasy
$75+ Add 15 gram Goloka Nag Champa
$100+ Add 15 gram Satya Jupiter
$125+ Add 15 gram Golden Nag Chandan
$150+ Add 45 gram Satya Nectar

Julian has several unique shops, antique stores and other shopping destinations for unusual gifts.
Julian’s Tree Lighting is Saturday. Rain and snow are in the forecast so dress for cold if you are coming to the area and drive safely.

The back country has become a destination for wine, beer and other alcoholic beverage tasting. Please be aware that alcohol affects one more at altitude and use extra caution. It is easy to underestimate the effects of altitude and the fire and rescue seem to be busier as more tasting rooms open.
Also, cannabis and and caffeine both increase the effects of alcohol.

Please help make our roads safer. Unfamiliar, winding and climbing, narrow roads require an alert driver.

October 14 – 31 Bonuses

It has been unexpectedly long between posts. I foolishly attempted to move something much heavier than myself and it won. My foot is almost back to normal size.

October 15-16th is Julian’s Open Galleries Tour. Local artists allow a rare opportunity to see their studios, works in progress, and maybe even watch them creating something. There is a fee for the tour.

Be sure to stop in our store too. We have original paintings, bead art, and many unique, handmade, imported items also.


1 free 8 stick Kamini Puff the Magic Dragon with any incense or burner purchase.

$25+ 1 – large bundle Sughandha  Tibetan Incense

$50+ 1 – 8 piece Padmini Superfine Dhoop

$75+ 1 – 10 gram Primo Herbal Essence

$100+ 1 – 15 gram Golden Nag Chandan


Bonuses for September

Ideally, I would like to post weekly specials. Sometimes, I am too busy to do it when planned so, specials will  run until they are updated.


September 11-18 2016:

1 Free pack of Kamini Tranquility with any incense or burner purchase.

$25+ add 1 Free pack of Goloka Nag Champa 15g

$50+ add 1 Free large bundle of Sughandha Tibetan Incense

$75+ add 1 Free 50 gram Satya Sai Ram

$100+ add 1 Free Shoyeido Nokiba 35 stick Bdl

$150+ add 1 Free 45 gram Satya Nectar

$200+ Free Eccentric Ape T-Shirt (Please email with size and color choice (Kelly Green or Black)

A lot of you are new since my last post. Welcome to our bit of the web.

It is getting chilly already. Crisp and cool mornings warm quickly to provide pleasant, sunny days perfect for exploring Julian.

Apple season is underway and we have fresh pears in our Julian store.

Also, Yvonne and Veronica have original art on display in store and Veronica does custom designs, so be sure to check that out if you stop in.



Bonuses 8-17 – 8-24

Pears are in! Fresh, Julian pears are available at our Julian store. Pesticide and fertilizer free, non-irrigated, very old, small trees grown in harsh mountain sun with blazing hot days and brisk nights produce the sweetest, tastiest pears you can find.

Any incense or burner order receives one free HEM Citronella 8 stick – good for keeping summer insects away

$25+  Goloka 15 gm

$50+ Royal 10 gm

$75+ Primo Aphrodesia 10 gms

$100+ Shoyeido Magnifiscents Sampler

It’s hot, but Julian is usually a bit cooler in the day than most of the county this time of year, and we have air conditioning in the store so you can shop in comfort.

Our warehouse is also unique. Julian’s cool, mountain nights, even in summer, and extremely dry air make this an ideal location for incense storage. Most importers and sellers live in climates where temperature extremes, humidity, and central heating and cooling can all degrade the products and do require extra energy to offset the adverse conditions.  Also, items which we don’t manufacture or import ourselves come primarily from importers who are inland in arid conditions where coastal humidity can’t damage the products.  Humidity is the main enemy of any natural incense.


Bonuses 8/5 – 8/11/2016

With any purchase you will receive 1 free stick of Eccentric Ape Nectar of Devotion all natural resin incense.

We are often asked what the best incense is. This is one of the finest incenses made and it is made by hand just for us in the USA. The complex, penetrating aroma is amazing and also quite effective as an aid to meditation or spiritual practices. Only the finest natural ingredients go into our Eccentric Ape line and this item is an exceptional example of our line.

If you spend over $25.00 you will also receive a stick of Manna

Over $50.00 + 1 – 10 gram Satya Royal

Over $100.00 + 1- 15 gram Satya Aastha

Over $200.00 + Eccentric Ape T-Shirt (we will email for size and color selection after purchase)

Bonuses for 7/28-8/4

I missed a few weeks due to injuries but I am back to announce this week’s bonuses.

With any purchase you will receive 8 stick Padmini Lyrics

$10.00 or more and you will also get 8 stick Bharath Darshan

$25.00 add 1 15 gram pack of Green Champa

$50 add 10 gram Satya Royal

$75.00 add 1- 8 gram Satya Black Blossom

$100.00 add $15 gram Goloka Nag Champa

$200.00 add 1 Eccentric Ape T-shirt (we will email for size and color after purchase)