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Ramakrishnananda Incense

Ramakrishnananda Govind Incense Sticks

Govind Incense Sticks

Sandalwood, Sage & Lavender

"Source of joy and happiness
Love for nature and all living things.
A sense of unity and embrace with life and
the wonderful manifestations of nature.

10 hand rolled incense sticks
Ramakrishnananda Hari Incense Sticks

Hari Incense Sticks

Amber & Sandalwood

"Remover of darkness"
A transcendental vibration that
can save one from total darkness,
false ego and bad karma. Clearing
inauspiciousness and purifies the heart.

10 hand rolled incense sticks
Ramakrishnananda Matsya Incense sticks

Matsya Incense Sticks

Jasmine, Rose and Tulsi

"The fish avatar"
Clarity and awareness revealing the
essence of life, blessing and opening ways
to new beginnings, transitions and
good fortune on now journeys

10 hand rolled incense sticks
Ramakrishnananda Mayapur Incense Sticks

Mayapur Incense Sticks

Nag Champa Supreme

"The Secret Island"
Freedom from material bondage,
achievementof spiritual success,
illumination of the heart with
divine Love and absorbance in
the celestial love affair of the
 Supreme GoddessSrimati Radharani
 with the Lord of love.

10 hand rolled incense sticks
Ramakrishnananda Shyam Incense Sticks

Shyam Incense Sticks

Sandalwood Supreme

"The beautiful dark skinned"
Supreme beauty, youth,
nobility and attractiveness.

10 hand rolled incense sticks
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Ramakrishnananda Vrinda Devi Incense sticks

Vrinda Devi Incense Sticks

Nag Champa

"Goddess of devotion"
Residence in holy places,
proximity to natural beauty
devotion to the Supreme
being. physical health and

10 hand rolled incense sticks
Ramakrishnananda Mulunda Incense Sticks

Mukunda Incense Sticks

Patchouli & Spices

"The one who liberates"
Liberation from miseries and from bad
"karma",  Freedom from personal sense
 gratification and attainment of pure and
 unconditional lover and devotion.

10 hand rolled incense sticks
Ramakrishnananda Yamuna Incense Sticks

Yamuna Incense Sticks

Vanilla, Copal & Amber

"Goddess of purification"
Absorption in spiritual truth and
purification joy of the Divine playfulness.

10 hand rolled incense sticks

Ramakrishnananda Narasingha Dev Incense sticks

Narasingha Dev Incense Sticks

Frankincense Champa

"Half Lion Avatar"
Protector from dangers
and conquerer of the demons
and enemies. Also known
as the protector from
"Maya" or illusion

10 hand rolled incense sticks
Ramakrishnananda Jaganatha Incense sticks

Jaganatha Incense Sticks

Botanical Flowers Blend

"Lord of the universe"
Worldly power, freedom from
the cycle of birth and death,
devotion and perfection
of the arts of love and devotion

10 hand rolled incense sticks

Ramakrishnananda Balaram Incense sticks

Balaram Incense Sticks

Clove & Lemongrass

"wlelder of the plough"
Protection and loyalty
brotherly love and service.
Spiritual and moral strength
and freedom from the evils
of intoxication

10 hand rolled incense sticks

Ramakrishnananda Krishna  Incense sticks

Krishna Incense Sticks

Vetiver, Cedarwood & Halamadi

“The embodiment of love and divine joy”
Krishna is trickster and
lover, an instigator of
experiences that bring the knowledge that destroys
all pain and sin, who
was born to establish the
religion of Love

10 hand rolled incense sticks
Ramakrishnananda Ganga Incense Sticks

Ganga Incense Sticks

Cinnamon, Lavender and Jasmine

"Goddess of heavenly ambrosia"

Purification from sin, purification from sin
purification from wordly desires,
liberation at the time of death.
A remedy for physical disease.

10 hand rolled incense sticks
Ramakrishnananda Bhagavan Incense Sticks

Bhagavan Incense

Patchouli and Vetiver

The opulent one” Wealth, good fortune and prosperity".

10 hand rolled incense sticks

Ramakrishnananda Radha Incense Sticks

Radha Incense

Patchouli, Cardamon and Rose

“The supreme goddess” Devotion, divine femininity, shakti - divine energy.
Radha is the direct counterpart of Krishna. She is the feminine aspect of God."

10 hand rolled incense sticks

Ramakrishnananda Rasa Lila Incense Sticks

Rasa Lila Incense


“The dance of divine love” Pure love.

10 hand rolled incense sticks

Ramakrishnananda Lalita Incense Sticks

Lalita Incense

Sandalwood and Musk

10 hand rolled incense sticks

Ramakrishnananda Gopal Incense Sticks Special Flora

Gopal Incense Sticks

Special Flora

"Lord of the cows"
Perfection of parental love,
protection of one's
children, fertilty
wellbeing of the new born
and devotion to the divine

10 hand rolled incense sticks
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